Adrian Prospero

About Adrian Prospero Director Los Angeles Screenwriting Film Commerical Advertising

About Adrian Prospero, Director of award winning films that have screened at festivals in Los Angeles and New York. Director of television commercials and advertising consulting.



Adrian Prospero is an award-winning director, who has directed over 150 productions across a broad scope of styles including narrative films, short documentaries, and both national and state television campaigns. His film, THE HUNT, was accepted into the Silicon Beach Film Festival and the Melbourne Underground Film Festival. ONCE WERE HEROES earned Best short film at the Oniros Film Awards and at the Independent Shorts Awards.

With a strong passion for human stories, Adrian has directed documentaries exploring current social issues. Including BRONNIE, a short documentary about the ripple effect on the people left behind after a tragic event.  This documentary is currently screened at schools and events around Western Australia, reaching tens of thousands of teenagers.

He established a production company that produced television commercials.  These commercials aired throughout Australia and as far as Hong Kong and Singapore, reaching audience viewership in the hundreds of thousands and even more across Facebook and YouTube.

Adrian's 2019 feature screenplay, THE CLAIRVOYANT, was a semi-finalist at the Table Read my Screenplay, part of the Austin Film Festival and a semi-finalist at Screenplay Festival Los Angeles . His 2018 feature screenplay DIG, was selected in the top 20% of the Academy Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting. His 2017 Feature Screenplay THE MARKET PLACE was a Semi-Finalist at the Ojai Film Festival and Utah Film Festival.

With years of experience, Adrian has been part of the judging panels for film festivals including Jackson Hole Film Festival and Washington West Film Festival.

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